We Need Your Help

Why Donate?

The Hinton Community Wellness Center will offer a convenient and affordable fitness facility where adults, seniors, and teenagers work out comfortably side-by-side. Additional fitness and recreational opportunities will enhance the quality of life for both students and community members.

A Top-Notch Facility

Once finished, the Hinton Community Wellness Center will have the latest training gear and equipment for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling, track, cheerleading, and dance. Proper training will do more than give competitors an edge, it will keep them healthy and safe.

Who is welcome?

Anyone! Students, adults, and seniors alike will be welcome to use the Hinton Community Wellness Center. So whether you're a parent, a grandparent, a former Blackhawk, a community-minded person or someone who enjoys supporting your local sports teams, whatever your reason, donate today!

Invest in the future of our children and the community.

Our fundraising goal is $200,000.

 Gifts of the following denomination will include a personalized tile
installed on the Hinton Wellness Center commemorative wall:

6x6 Tile - $500
12x6 Tile - $1,000
12x12 Tile $2,500
18x18 Tile $5,000
24x24 Tile $10,000